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National Riding Club Association of Japan

The National Riding Club Association of Japan was established as an incorporated association in March of 1991 with the assistance of the Japan Racing Association based on the desire to have more and more people learn about the joy of riding horses.

Three laws related to the reform of Japan’s public interest corporation system were put into effect in 2008. As a result, Japan had moved forward with the reform of its public interest corporation system. The NRCA thus restarted a new form of a public interest incorporated association called the National Riding Club Association of Japan on July 1, 2011 after having been certified by the Cabinet Office as a public interest incorporated association (with the competent authority of the organization being the Cabinet Office).

The NRCA has expanded its organizational network across the nation with the goal of popularizing the pleasant activity of horseback riding in a way that allows anyone to enjoy the activity with peace of mind. This is done through the installation of horseback riding club facilities, the cultivation of instructors, and the raising of docile and fully-trained horses.

Main Businesses

Skill certification
We conduct skill certification to allow people to see what kind of skill level they have reached.
Individuals can take exams ranging from level 5 to level 1 at horseback riding clubs that are members of this association. We also began offering license exams for pony riders as of 2007.
Events serving to popularize horseback riding
We hold horseback riding events in various areas for horse enthusiasts.
Training sessions and exams for the cultivation of horseback riding instructors (certification as qualified instructors)
We hold training sessions for the cultivation of horseback riding instructors for individuals who are aiming to become horseback riding instructors. We also provide certification of instructor qualifications in both the British and Western styles, as well as conduct exams for practical skills alongside academic subjects comprised general knowledge and specialized knowledge needed to be a horseback riding instructor.
Make the rounds at clubs to provide instruction for horseback riding skills
We make the rounds to clubs to provide instruction serving to facilitate the improvement of horseback riding techniques and schooling techniques.
Competitions for instructors
We hold instructor competitions to facilitate the improvement of techniques by having horseback riding instructors put their acquired skills to the test against each other.
Horse interaction time
With the objective of facilitating the expansion of group of people taking part in horseback riding, we issue subsidies to clubs in various regions who put on events involving horse interaction.
Interaction Time Promotion Business: FY2018 Overview(PDF/132KB)【JP】
Certification for excellent horseback riding facilities
We certify excellent horseback riding facilities which make consideration for safety, periphery environments and so on.
Riding horse for health
We provide subsidies for immunized riding horses in line with the designated immunization programs.
Lending of horseback riding facilities
We provide horseback riding facility equipments and leases related to facilities.
Advertising for the popularization of horseback riding using magazines, websites and so on
We conduct public relations activities for the popularization of horseback riding via such as web sites.

NRCA Overview

Name National Riding Club Association of Japan (Public Interest Incorporated Association)
Location JRA Shimbashi Annex (5F), 4-5-4, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo (105-0004)
Establishment March 6, 1991
Business Details Group promoting the popularization of horseback riding
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How to Join the NRCA

For details on how to join the NRCA, please download the following document.

New Membership Procedure(PDF/49KB)【JP】

*If you are considering joining, please contact the National Riding Club Association of Japan.